How Many of These Books Have You Read?

What you read and what you listen to WILL change you, for better or for worse. Make it for the better…

Famous speaker Charlie “Tremendous” Jones has a saying that rings as true now as when he said it many years ago: “Five years from today, you will be the same person that you are today, except for the books you read and the people you meet.”

The entrepreneur must be a lifelong learner and there is no better way to access the wisdom of the ages than by reading (or listening if you prefer audiobooks). I’m often asked for a reading list specific to the entrepreneurial mindset, and after being asked for the 159th time, I decided to compile one.

The four attributes of the entrepreneurial mindset as I define it include growth mindset, grit, redefining failure, and opportunity seeking—and as you look over this list, you’ll see many works specific to those topics. You’ll also see books that may seem unrelated but that are fundamental to many of the aspects required to think like an entrepreneur. In fact, many of these books are worth reading multiple times.

Why Attend the 2024 CHCA Entrepreneurship Symposium?

There has been a surge of interest in entrepreneurship education by K-12 schools in the last three years. Schools are starting businesses, launching programs, initiating classes, and hiring teachers all to support this concept of teaching entrepreneurship.

The value we bring at Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy is streamlining this process through best practices.

Our entrepreneurship program is in its tenth year and boasts 6 student-run businesses, 15 elective courses, a certificate track program, and 6 full-time faculty. Over the years, we’ve learned many things that a school SHOULD do and many things that a school SHOULD NOT do when launching entrepreneurship programming.

And now we’re offering an opportunity for you to dive in and soak up this wisdom in order to directly benefit your school.

Mark your calendar for March 7-8, 2024, and be sure to attend the CHCA Entrepreneurship Symposium.

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Imagine your culture infused with growth mindset, grit, redefining failure, and opportunity seeking. Imagine your team acting and thinking like entrepreneurs.

Stephen Carter